for a reservation for

cat boarding email us at

and don't forget to include your

cat's name and age

Sorry ... no phone or FB reservations
~ only email ~

cat boarding

what to bring

Bring enough food for your

cat's visit with us.

Bring extra flea prevention if

staying longer than a month

pesos, USD or PayPal payment in full

at time of check-in

(no cash refunds - credit only)


dog boarding

we're here for your cat boarding needs

Beach Dog Boarding & Salon has offered year-round professional and safe cat boarding since 2008 when we built a comfortable Cat House (for felines only) that is airy and open, yet completely enclosed and divided into separate "Cat Suites".

Our cat boarders get lots of stimulation with the activity of people around, lots of birds nearby and dogs playing a few fences away ~ or they can sleep the day away in one of the many holes that cats seem to love.

During hot & humid summer weather we have fans running on the floor and a double insulated roof to help with the heat.

Cats are attended to multiple times a day including changing with water bowls and cleaning their litter boxes.

Special care is always given to senior cats.


for boarding cats

must be HEALTHY

NO fleas or ticks upon check-in

on a flea & tick treatment

(like Frontline or Advantix)

Payment in FULL at check-IN


daily rates ~ cats

1 cat - 175 pesos per day
2 cats - 300 pesos per day
3 cats - 425 pesos per day
4 cats - 500 pesos per day

monthly rates ~ cats

1 cat - 3,500 pesos per month

($5.42 USD per day @ 20 peso exchange)

2 cats - 6,000 pesos per month

($4.37 USD per day per cat @ 20 peso exchange)

3 cats - 8,500 pesos per month

($3.88 USD per day per cat @ 20 peso exchange)

4 cats - 10,000 pesos per month 

($3.33 USD per day per cat @ 20 peso exchange)