Bring a supply of your pet's regular food

because it is easier on their systems

and most owners have their own

special foods they like to feed their pet.

We prefer they go thru as few changes

as possible during their stay with us.

Please put pet's name on the bags or containers.

We feed our own dogs Costco's Kirkland brands which rates 4-stars.

(Pedigree & Beniful rate only 1-star)

We are more than happy to feed your dog

the Kirkland brand during their visit with

us .... and if we have a supply, we are

more than happy to sell you a 1/2 bag or

full bag. Cost depends on what Costco

is selling it for at the moment.

daily cost of food

(half in AM ~ half in PM)

big dog - 2 to 3 cups - 45 pesos

medium dog - 1.5 to 2 cups - 30 pesos

small dog - 1 cup - 20 pesos

what to bring

~ bring enough food for your dog's visit

(mark dog's name

on food containers or Zip Lock bags)

~you can send an old bed or towel

but we have plenty for your pet

It's a good idea for 1st time visitors

(mark your towels or beds with felt pen)

~ pesos or USD for payment in full at check-in

​we also accept PayPal

​(no cash refunds - credit only)

what to leave home

~ all food & water dishes

(we use clean stainless steel every meal)

~ expensive beds (could get peed on)

~ toys & treats

(we have plenty of toys for everyone)


we're here for your dog boarding needs

"special needs" dogs

1 dog - 300 pesos per day minimum

2 dogs - 500 pesos per day minimum

1 dog ... 7,000 pesos per month minimum

($11.66 USD per day @ 20 peso exchange)

2 dogs - 12,000 pesos per month minimum

($10 USD per dog per day @20 peso exchange)

may include

un-neutered males or un-spayed females, puppies, very old & fragile dogs,

dogs that need to be kept separate due

to behavioral reasons OR​

(certain well-mannered dogs) 

special 5-Star pampering with A/C as needed

​inside Owner's home

daily rates ~ dogs

(based on 24 hrs)

1 dog - 250 pesos per day

2 dogs - 450 pesos per day

3 dogs - 600 pesos per day

4 dogs - 700 pesos per day

minimum 50 peso per day additional charge

for high maintenance dogs, destructive

puppies or very time-consuming medications

monthly rates ~ dogs

1 dog - 6,000 pesos per month

($10 USD per day @20 peso exchange)

2 dogs - 9,000 pesos per month

($7.50 USD per dog per day @20 peso exchange)

3 dogs - 12,000 pesos per month

($6.66 USD per dog per day @20 peso exchange)

4 dogs - 14,000 pesos per month

($5.83 USD per dog per day @20 peso exchange)


for boarding dogs

must be HEALTHY

MUST be social with other dogs

current with ALL vaccinations

(distemper, parvo, rabies)

NO fleas or ticks upon check-in

current on a flea & tick treatment  

(Bravecto is the very best for our area) 

extra charge for

un-neutered males or un-spayed females

​and destructive puppies

​(they're just being normal puppies ...)


Payment in FULL at check-IN

(pesos or US dollars only - no credit cards)

dog boarding

There's always year-round activity going on at Beach Dog Boarding & Salon because the Owner lives here full-time ... and with our great staff around ... there is almost always someone with your pet.

Our daily and monthly boarding rates are very reasonable for what we offer. We always have lots of long-term summer guests who spend their vacation with us while their owners see the World ... or whatever they like to do! And for our Snowbird friends, we're here for those little trips you need to take during the winter. Our fur guests always have fun here and there's almost always someone around! But definitely make an appointment in advance.

Our exceptionally clean boarding facility is set on a spacious 600 square meter lot surrounded by a tall brick wall filled with shade and lots of good energy so your pets will always be safe and comfortable. Lots of beds and toys around.

Special care is always given to senior dogs.

We are not your typical boarding facility where the dogs are locked up most of the day. With the exception of some delicate dogs or special situations, most of our dogs run together freely so they can play, sniff and explore during their vacation. We have numerous large areas to separate them if needed. Our guests change daily!

Their are multiple clean blankets, towels and raised bed in kennels and under the palapa, but we usually leave the kennel doors open so dogs can come or go as they like, day or night. They'll always find a place to sleep.

Please be sure to check our list of Requirements to ensure we maintain a healthy and safe environment for your pets.

Our facility has two entry gates to ensure that no pet ever accidentally escapes while someone is entering or leaving our facility.

Dogs are fed in the morning and evening. They all eat in separate kennels and are usually in there for 5-10 minutes, depending on them.


we're happy to give dogs medications

~ all medicines MUST have

dog's name marked on it 


~ clear written instructions MUST

accompany your dog's medications.

we will go over all medications at check-in


for a reservation for

dog boarding email us at

and don't forget to include your

pet's name and background info.

Be sure to check our list of